• Teradata Finance Reference Architecture

  • Report faster. Execute to forecast. Tell me how to grow margins and smartly reduce SG&A. In a nutshell, “do more with less.”

    Teradata is helping leading CFO organizations thread this needle by starting the journey toward a simplified, more effective finance systems infrastructure. Our holistic approach enhances the CFO's ability to get an integrated, detailed view of performance that meets evolving stakeholder expectations. A next-generation reference architecturewith a data warehouse acting as the platform for integrated information - helps accomplish this by delivering a more complete view across all finance functions while building consensus among them and their supporting IT resources.


    Key Features and Capabilities include:

    • Consistent source of integrated data: All required data is available from a single source and reconciled to GL, fostering a culture of accountability
    • Integration with diverse source systems improves ERP performance: Sourcing ERP detail into the data warehouse and providing it to users via finance-focused semantic modeling frees ERPs from the burden of supporting analytics, allowing them to focus on transaction processing
    • Industry logical data models (iLDMs) featuring finance-specific content: Pre-built models span financial and operational data subject areas to help link financial results and operational driver
    • End-to-end data lineage, governance, and quality: Ensures data transparency and traceability 
    • Common portal, hierarchies and delivery processes: Key reports and analysis produced from the warehouse

    Why Teradata?

    A cause of many Finance departments’ struggles for improved reporting and analytics is the diverse nature of the organization itself. Professionals in Controllership, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Pricing, Treasury and Planning & Analysis all work with the same data but have distinct analytic needs and perspectives. Leveraging a shared information base that allows each sub-function to perform its own analytics and reporting requires a database platform designed to enable efficient  data re-use. Teradata’s finance reference architecture empowers organizations to load all financial and related operational data once and deploy it in multiple ways across diverse user groups.


    Customer Quotes
    “Our finance team now spends 80% of their time analyzing data and providing value to the business, and 20% collecting it, instead of the other way around.”
    Manager, Enterprise Business Intelligence, Freescale Semiconductor (TDWI Transforming Finance Best Practices Report)

    “Finance no longer needs multiple tools and a magic decoder ring to access information.”
    Director of Sales Accounting and Reporting, Office Depot (TDWI Transforming Finance Best Practices Report)

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