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 Featured Communities

Teradata User GroupsA forum for Teradata customers to exchange information and ideas about business intelligence, network with peers, and stay current with Teradata updates.

The RiverA private community for business intelligence innovators to collaborate and discuss integrating online/web and offline/enterprise data for greater business value.

Teradata University NetworkA premier teaching resource for data warehousing, DSS, and business intelligence.

CommitteesWorking with Teradata to provide feedback and suggestions on big data analytics products and services.

The Socialization of DataBreak through the boundaries of the “same old information” rut. Create new, dramatic opportunities to drive innovation.

Private User GroupsPrivate forums for use by the PARTNERS User Group committees.

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 Connect with Teradata

Peer AdvantageA place to share experiences, connect with peers, and earn rewards by participating in our world-class sales reference and marketing activities.

Teradata BlogsCommentary on data warehousing and big data analytics solutions.

Developer ExchangeOur digital community of technical experts shares ideas, code, best practices, and lessons on solving business intelligence problems.

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 Find Answers

Smart Data CollectiveSponsored by Teradata, a moderated online business community for business intelligence and data warehousing professionals.

At Your ServiceSupport capabilities at your fingertips reduce the time it takes to resolve issues.

Tech CenterOur collection of resources and news for Teradata developers.