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Teradata Blogs 
Interact directly and candidly with those interested in Teradata, data warehousing and analytics-based decision making. Our blogs allow customers, prospects, partners, third-party influencers and analysts to share and exchange thoughts on a range of product and industry topics.

Data Science Central – Hadoop360 
A Data Science Central Community Channel, sponsored by Teradata, devoted entirely to all things Hadoop.


Teradata University Network
Teradata University Network (TUN), in conjunction with Teradata, gives students a taste of corporate reality through hands-on software experiences and case studies on some of the world’s largest companies.

Big Analytics Workshops: From Hype to Business Results
Walk through real big data analytics use cases and maximize your understanding of how to do new types of analytics on multi-structured data

Marketing Insights Workshops
Deep dive into ways you can keep pace with the trends and opportunities to data driven marketing.

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Developer Exchange
A technical collaborative community that connects Teradata Associates with Customers and others interested in the related technologies. A place for sharing ideas, asking questions, learning, and solving problems related to Teradata solutions and beyond.

Teradata Aster
Learn about Teradata Aster solutions, discover new insights, exchange ideas, and share your stories with peers.


Peer Advantage
Experience unparalleled networking opportunities and gain expert insight from global leaders in business and technology by joining Peer Advantage. A great place to share experiences and your company’s data-driven analytics strategy, to help other companies unlock their potential.

PARTNERS User Group Committees
The PARTNERS User Group has been formed for technical education to support the business community, by sharing information related to data warehousing, business applications and big data analytics.

Teradata User Group Conferences (TUGS) 
A series of educational one day seminars that provide insightful speaking sessions from Teradata experts and customers. A premier experience for both existing users and companies researching the convergence of big data analytics, Hadoop, data warehousing, and integrated marketing.

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Teradata At Your Service (TAYS)
Support capabilities and community resources at your fingertips reduce the time it takes to resolve technical issues.

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