• Teradata CSP Next-Generation Analytics Framework

  • KNOW MORE by harnessing next-generation analytics and to DO MORE by improving the customer experience, delivering new products and services, and monetizing their data and infrastructure.

    Competition for wallet share is fierce. To get a competitive advantage, you need to KNOW MORE about your subscribers in order to DO MORE!

    Teradata’s next-generation CSP analytics is the first integrated solution to provide a 360-degree view of a subscriber leveraging both transactional data and interaction data. With Teradata’s best-in-class analytics platform, CSPs can enable analytic innovation like never before. Put your data to work for you by managing digital services churn and creating new business value, and offer a superior next-generation customer experience by delivering new products/services and monetizing data.

    Learn more about Teradata’s next-generation capabilities in the framework below.


    Next-Gen Services and Products
    Next-Gen Customer Experience Management
    Monetize Infrastructure and Data
    OPEX &
    Content and Media
    Infrastructure and Data
    People and Processes
    Social Network and Media Analytics
    Location Analytics
    Subscriber Behavior and Usage Patterns
    Device Analytics
    and Service Quality Analytics
    eCommerce and Channel Analytics

    Delivered Value


    Teradata Analytic Capabilities


    CSP Ecosystem



    Why Teradata?

    Gaining a 360° of your subscribers requires not only dealing with massive data sets but also the requirement to quickly process and analyze this data. It also requires deep Telco industry knowledge and data analytics experience.

    Teradata’s next-generation capabilities are built upon the industry’s most scalable analytics platform and leverages Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture™, integrating both transactional data and interaction data and used by over 100 CSPs worldwide, including the world’s leading CSPs.

    Customer quote
    "Cashing in on Proactive intelligence and predictive analysis is what will separate successful Telcos from the 'also ran's.' All decent companies have access to data; converting it into actionable information is the key to success." Aamir Ibrahim, CMO, Telenor Pakistan