How Big Companies are Approaching Big Data to Deliver Big Results

2014 is the year that Hadoop crosses the chasm from the early adopters to the early majority, as leading Fortune 500 companies augment their existing data management capabilities with technology that enables new analytic capabilities to improve the health of the business. Leveraging new methods are proving vital to main street companies seeking to gain competitive advantage from the new data sources now available.

Join us as Mike Gualtieri, Principal Analyst at Forrester and Neeraj Kumar, VP of Information Management & Analytics at Cardinal Health (#19 on Fortune 500) share how large corporations are defining a new reference architecture that capitalizes on big data innovation while maintaining essential enterprise grade features. With a more comprehensive business analytics platform and new insights come new operational efficiencies.

Together, they will discuss:

  • How information use and the supporting technology in the organization is changing
  • How your organization should prepare for these developments in the big data ecosystem
  • Real world examples of best practices in managing enterprise big data to:
    • Simplify complexity
    • Optimize costs
    • Make more effective decisions
    • Drive Decisions into operations