Aster MapReduce Appliance - Big Data Analytics

Aster MapReduce Appliance

If you can’t unlock insights from big data, you could be losing a competitive advantage. The Aster MapReduce Appliance provides a simple, powerful and enterprise-ready platform for big data analytics.

This purpose-built, integrated hardware and software solution for big data analytics is pre-configured and ready to plug in to help you start learning new insights from large volumes of new types of multi-structured data immediately. It combines the power Aster Database and Aster’s patented SQL-MapReduce® framework with a time-tested, fully-supported Teradata hardware platform to provide:

  • Platform for unlocking the insights in new multi-structured data sources and data types, from social network data to web log data, machine data, and more.
  • Faster, easier, more powerful environment for developing and using data science-based analytics.
  • Faster time-to-value, reducing latency from generation of new data to output of analytic insights.
  • Integrated hardware/software stack delivered and supported by Teradata.

Features & Benefits

Aster MapReduce Appliance combines proven Teradata hardware with powerful Aster Database software for big data analytics.

  •  Simple: This fully-integrated, plug-in-ready system delivers easy management of multi-structured data and analytic applications, proactive systems monitoring, continuous availability, and linear scalability in one package.
  • Powerful: Massively parallel processing architecture and embedded SQL and MapReduce engines enable end-to-end parallelism of data and analytic processing.This lets you perform data exploration and analysis incorporating new and emerging data sources on the fly for deeper analytic insight and faster time to value.
  • Reliable: Delivers high availability through a disk RAID and software redundant design, and Teradata’s advanced Server Management features proactively monitor the system with diagnostic tools to quickly detect and address any hardware issues.
  • Enterprise Ready: Full complement of adapters supports out-of-the-box integration, including certified ODBC and JDBC support for major BI, visualization, and ETL tools. 
  • Big Data Architecture Fit: Teradata integrated data warehouse high-speed data transfer infrastructure and native Hadoop connectivity are included. 
  • Enhance Your Teradata Investment: Management consoles and capabilities are familiar and complementary to your existing Teradata database and data warehouse deployments. This delivers new big data analytics, without requiring specialized software or hardware management skills.

Primary Components

Node Hardware
  • Eight nodes in a fully populated cabinet
  • Each node with Dual Six Core Intel® Xeon® Processors
  • 600 GB drives
  • 96 GB memory in each node
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet Interconnect node to node
Data Storage
  • 13.6TB uncompressed user data in the base cabinet
  • 18.1TB uncompressed user data in each expansion cabinet
  • 3x compression typical 
  • RAID High Availability
  • Scalable with expansion cabinets and network switches
  • Teradata Server Management for hardware
  • Aster Management Suite for software
Operating Environment
  • 64-bit SUSE Linux 11





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