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  • Apache™ Hadoop®

    Capture, Store, & Refine Big Data Sets

    Teradata seamlessly integrates Apache Hadoop as a key component within the Teradata Unified Data Architecture™ (UDA)—a best-of-breed approach that deploys available technologies to unleash the value of data.

  • Organizations are looking for cost-effective ways to capture the value of big data “exhaust”—extraneous data and new data types which in the past were often discarded due to cost, scale, or processing limitations. Apache™ Hadoop® has emerged as a cost-effective technology for loading, storing, and refining data.

      Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop  is a flexible offering of products and services for our customers to integrate Hadoop into a Teradata environment and across their enterprise data architecture, while taking advantage of the world-class service and support Teradata provides. We offer a selection of products and services to suit every budget and maturity of Hadoop skills, from fully integrated appliances to consulting and support services on existing customer hardware.


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       Appliance for Hadoop Teradata Appliance for Hadoop 
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       Big Analytics Appliance Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance
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     Why Teradata?

    Teradata—the #1 trusted advisor to clients—now provides a single source for all things Hadoop. The Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop provides customers with the most trusted and flexible Hadoop product platforms in your next-generation data architecture with new best-in-class services, training, and customer support.

    Teradata can help you determine how to exploit Hadoop technology in a way that maximizes business value while reducing the total cost of deploying and managing Hadoop.

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